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Jarvis Christian College Offers Two Summer Sessions

Jarvis Christian CollegeFor the first time in its history, Jarvis Christian College will be offering a summer schedule of courses this spring and summer. Summer break enrollment is happening right now at the college, which is located in Hawkins, Texas. There will be two class sessions, May 10-June 4, and June 14-July 9. Class offerings will include general education core courses, along with major study areas that will be required for graduation.

Applicants for the summer break sessions at Jarvis Christian College will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form and take the ACT Test or the SAT prior to enrolling. Enrollment documents can be found at www.jarvis.edu. For more information, contact Enrollment Management Director Robert Harper at 903-769-5745 or Robert.Harper@jarvis.edu.