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Christian Theological Seminary Remembers Benefactor, Ruth Lilly

Ruth LillyA notable philanthropist who did much for Disciples-related institutions is being fondly remembered. Ruth Lilly, who died on Dec. 30 at the age of 94, will be especially missed by Christian Theological Seminary, whose library benefited greatly from her gifts. That library continues to receive assistance from the Ruth Lilly Library Acquisition Endowment. Lilly was the great-granddaughter of Eli Lilly, the American industrialist, entrepreneur and founder of Eli Lilly and Co.

"Christian Theological Seminary is thankful to be among the organizations touched through Ms. Lilly’s generosity," said Christian Theological President Edward L. Wheeler. We will strive to always live up to her noble standards and high ideals." For more, go to: www.cts.edu/images/documents/Ruth%20Lilly.pdf