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Faith-Based Supporters Of Health Care Reform Deliver Letter To The President And Congress

A faith-based Health Care Reform Now letter was delivered today to the US President and Congress on the eve of the President’s Bipartisan Health Care Summit, as well as an ad placed in The Hill newspaper. The letter was signed by numerous heads of communions, including General Minister and President Sharon Watkins and more than 145 national, state and regional organizations (including Disciples Home Missions and Disciples Justice Action Network). It is also signed by over 4000 individual religious leaders and people of faith. "With families having no insurance, workers losing their insurance, and people dying due to lack of insurance, we cannot wait any longer," said Watkins. "Now is the time for our leaders to put aside the partisan politics and do their best to pass affordable, quality health care for all."

For more information, see: www.faithfulreform.org and