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Search opens for Week of Compassion Executive Director

Executive Director

Week of Compassion

Office of the General Minister and President

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Indianapolis, Indiana

Position Overview (download PDF)

The Office of the General Minister and President (OGMP) seeks a dynamic and innovative leader to serve as the Executive Director for Week of Compassion. The Executive Director serves as a member of the OGMP team with primary responsibility to oversee the relief, refugee and development fund of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). As the main avenue for Disciples disaster response giving, Week of Compassion also supports refugee assistance, sustainable development and humanitarian projects through denominational and ecumenical partnerships around the world.

Reporting through the General Minister and President, the Executive Director works directly with the Week of Compassion Advisory Committee and has primary oversight for the strategic implementation of the priorities and decisions of the Week of Compassion Committee. The Executive Director  serves as the public face of Disciples relief and development funding efforts and is responsible for executing an annual fundraising and marketing plan, mission articulation, partnership planning and the prayerful stewardship of Week of Compassion funds designated for disaster relief, refugee development and related ministries. S/He will be a spiritually led member of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) with significant experience in church related ministries, fundraising or relief and development. This is an exciting and challenging opportunity for a creative and seasoned leader in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

About the Week of Compassion Ministry

Week of Compassion’s ministry stretches across the United States and Canada and around the globe offering assistance in the darkest hour of need. Through Week of Compassion, Disciples from the United States and Canada reach out in the name of Christ to provide disaster assistance and sustainable development needs. Week of Compassion accomplishes its mission by providing emergency and long-term financial assistance to people in the aftermath of natural and human catastrophes. With a belief in the spiritual gift of compassion, WOC responds with help, hope and hospitality to people who have been uprooted and displaced from their homelands by war, environmental catastrophe, famine and natural disaster. WOC also supports self-help programs of development and rehabilitation that empower people and communities to stand against and rise above hunger, poverty, disease, illiteracy and other forces of injustice that deny and destroy human dignity. Finally, WOC believes that giving goes beyond the wallet and encourages and supports volunteer groups in hands-on mission and service opportunities.

The ministry of Week of Compassion is year round. WOC supports projects in more than 80 nations. In a typical year, WOC responds to a disaster about once every 1.2 days. Annually, WOC partners with more than 50 Disciples work groups in mission projects in North America and abroad. In partnership with Church World Service, ACT Alliance, IMA World Health, Foods Resource Bank, Bread for the World, Habitat for Humanity, Equal Exchange, Division of Overseas Ministries / Global Ministries, Disciples Home Missions through Disciples Volunteering, Refugee and Immigration Ministries, as well as hundreds of local church partners around the world, Week of Compassion shares in a remarkable network of service and caring that is efficient, effective and faithful. WOC emphasizes maximizing direct relief and minimizing administrative costs and therefore primarily functions as a granting organization with minimal centralized staff.

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) through Week of Compassion also participates with Christians of eight other Protestant denominations through One Great Hour of Sharing, thus multiplying the effectiveness and extent of our witness many times over. Week of Compassion works through the partnership it shares with and generosity of more than 3,200 Disciples of Christ congregations across the United States and Canada. Disciples annually channel an average of 2.5 million dollars through Week of Compassion for humanitarian needs around the world.

Opportunities and Challenges for the Executive Director

As the channel for Disciples’ resources in providing ready and compassionate response to an array of humanitarian needs in the world, the Executive Director will lead a nimble, responsive and partnership based ministry of the church, answering the call in times of need, strife and disaster around the globe. The Executive Director will build upon a well-recognized and successful ministry in the life of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). In the first 12-18 months the new Executive Director will face the following opportunities and challenges:

Building relationships with key partners, donors and congregations and developing the annual giving campaign ensuring continued faithful support of the ministry of Week of Compassion

The Executive Director will work closely with the Week of Compassion Committee and staff to establish deep and meaningful relationships with key supporters of Week of Compassion. In consultation with our partners for One Great Hour Sharing and in covenant with other ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), the Executive Director will work to foster and enhance key relationships domestically and globally as well as denominationally and ecumenically with key ministry partners. In the same spirit of covenant, s/he will design the annual Week of Compassion offering campaign and other relief and development giving vehicles to ensure the broadest reach of Disciples’ compassionate response.


Interpreting theologically, biblically and practically the work, mission and vision of Week of Compassion

The Executive Director will be a passionate advocate of the spiritual discipline of faithful giving. S/he will interpret theologically and biblically the work of WOC to provide compassionate responses to disasters and turmoil throughout the world to clergy, laity and across the church. S/he will develop resources and networks to prayerfully lift up the ministry of Week of Compassion. The Executive Director will work in partnership with regional and general ministries for stewardship, education and promotion of mission funding across the life of the church.

Developing a ministry plan in partnership with the Week of Compassion Committee and the Office of General Minister and President

The Executive Director will lead the Week of Compassion Committee in a ministry planning process, examining its current work and future direction. The plan will establish goals and priorities in line with the vision of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) equipping and enabling the long term success of Week of Compassion. The new Executive Director will be responsible for implementing and managing all ministry plans and actions of the Week of Compassion Committee.

Deepening Disciples’ understanding of disaster response to include the deeper systemic knowledge of how disaster and poverty impacts groups differently. 

Executive Director will develop resources in collaboration with partners that examine how disasters disproportionately affect people in the developing world, economically disadvantaged communities and communities of color. This work will deepen the impact and analysis of Week of Compassion’s work beyond simple charitable giving to understanding the root causes of differences in access to resources and response. This analysis will deepen WOC’s efforts supporting development and rehabilitation that empower people and communities to combat hunger, poverty, disease, illiteracy and other forces of injustice that deny and destroy human dignity.

Qualifications of the Executive Director

The Executive Director will be a leader who possesses the passion, and determination to lead a successful ministry to its next stage. S/he will bring solid experience in church leadership, public speaking, fundraising, relief and development work or nonprofit management.

While no one person will embody all the traits listed below, the successful candidate will have many of the following characteristics, experiences or personal attributes.

·             A demonstrated passion for outreach and mission;

·             Documented leadership experience in mission driven organizations;

·             Commitment to ecumenical expressions of service and humanitarian work;

·             Past participation in pro-reconciliation/anti-racism training or commitment to participate in this training should their candidacy be successful;

·             Eloquence and ardent drive to articulate the vision and mission of Week of Compassion within the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and beyond;

·             Flexibility needed for extensive travel;

·             Comfort with virtual office settings and emerging technologies to enable effective workflow from multiple locations;

·             Dynamic team builder and strategic networker  with the ability to leverage networks;

·             Keen belief that effective ministry in the 21st century is done in partnership with others;

·              Understands collaboration, cooperation and covenant as fundamental keys to success;

·             Exceptional oral and written communication skills with the ability to develop cutting edge written and web resource materials;

·             Personal presence to serve as the ambassador and spokesperson on behalf of Week of Compassion and those it serves;

·             Strategic organizational thinker who can formulate and carry out short-term and long-range planning;

·             Ability to prioritize a busy workload; Attentive to the larger vision while managing a myriad of smaller and competing details;

·             International travel experience;

·             Flexibility and cultural awareness to move gracefully cross culturally, both domestically and internationally. Working knowledge of a second or third language preferred;

·             Able to articulate the value of compassion and hospitality in his or her daily life and faith journey;

·             An ordained minister with standing in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ);

·             It is highly desired and preferred that the person is based in Indianapolis.

To Apply:

To be considered for this position, a candidate must send a letter of intent and resume to:

The Office of General Minister and President

Attn: Beth Sullivan

PO Box 1986

Indianapolis, IN 46206


Applications will be accepted through March 16, 2014.  Questions regarding the Week of Compassion Search may be directed to Dr. William Lee, Search Committee Chair, c/o Beth Sullivan at bsullivan@disciples.org.

More information about Week of Compassion is found at: http://weekofcompassion.org/



The Office of the General Minister and President

will utilize the Executive Search Process as outlined and adopted by the General Board of the

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).



The Office of the General Minister and President is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  It is our policy to make all personnel decisions without discriminating on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, disability, veteran status, age, marital status, sexual orientation, citizenship status, national or ethnic origin, and any other protected status.