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Thoughts on transgender service in military

From General Minister and President Terri Hord Owens

I am disturbed by the recent events in the United States where we continue to see human beings subjected to acts of prejudice, hate, bigotry and discrimination.  Scripture affirms that all people are created in the image of God and share with all others in the worth that comes from being unique individuals; (Gen. 1:26-27).  And Christ commands to love one another as Christ has loved us (John 13:34-35). By this, all people will know that we are his disciples. And so, we re-affirm the humanity of transgender persons.

Service to an individual’s country should not be dependent on gender identity, but rather a willingness and ability to serve. Though the door was officially opened just last year, there are many transgender individuals who have served, and are currently serving, in the armed forces with honor and distinction.  Regardless of our varying political ideologies or theological perspectives, Holy Scripture affirms that all people are created in the image of God and share with all others in the worth that comes from being unique individuals. In this fragmented world, may the unconditional love and amazing grace of God through Jesus Christ be the foundation of the witness we make together as we journey toward wholeness.

5 Responses to “Thoughts on transgender service in military”

  1. Bruce Baker-Rooks:

    Thank you, Terri, for these words of support for our Transgender friends from a scriptural perspective. I am dismayed at the ongoing attempts at marginalization and discrimination from this current administration and I so appreciate your witness on behalf of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ.)

  2. Clinton Everhart:

    Thank you for renewing my faith in my church. What a blessing to read this Christian response to our President’s hateful message.

  3. Paul MacKinnon:

    Thank you for your thoughts Terri. Can you help us? As Christians, folks naturally expect us to defend our position from scripture, but I’m not sure how to do this. Can you provide (or direct me to) a specific scriptural defense of transgenderism? I need to be able to give people more than just my feelings or opinions, but an authoritative basis for saying that it is we, not God who ultimately decides our sex. I imagine other readers are experiencing the same intellectual demands, and so I appreciate whatever help you can give us.
    – Paul

  4. Thank you! I, too, affirm the “belovedness” of all Gods children. Continue to be so proud of being a Disciple!!!!

  5. S:

    We need to be praying for our President who is doing a great job. It is not the role of the church to promote propaganda like the Disciple church is choosing to do.