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Amity Foundation celebrates 25 years of mission in China

The Amity Foundation in China has played a significant role not only in the lives of the Chinese but also for Tom and Lynnea Morse, Global Ministries missionaries. For more than three years, Tom and Lynnea have lived in three provinces of China and now reside in Nanjing. Today, Tom works at the Drum Tower Hospital, a historic Disciples mission, in the office of communications. Lynnea teaches English at a local college. The Morse’s relate to the Amity Foundation which is an independent organization started by Chinese Christians in 1985 to promote education, social services, health and rural development.

On Nov. 7, the foundation celebrated 25 years of mission in the country. Its work has included building homes for the elderly, hospitals and clinics, among other initiatives. The anniversary celebration included a cultural carnival and banquet. One special highlight was the printing of the 80th million Bible in China. Morse has written several articles about the work of the Amity Foundation and his work through the foundation in helping to improve the lives of the Chinese. His articles can be found at: