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Disciples reach out to Japanese earthquake victims

Week of CompassionWeek of Compassion, the Disciples relief, refugee and development mission fund, is providing financial assistance to our sisters and brothers in Japan following the earthquake and tsunami on March 11 that has left the island nation dealing with several crises, including flooding and radiation poisoning emitting from a nuclear facility. At this writing, it is estimated that deaths from the disaster may exceed 18,000 people. More than 400,000 are living in makeshift shelters or evacuation centers.

Global MinistriesThrough Global Ministries, the common witness of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the United Church of Christ, Week of Compassion has already responded to our primary partner, the United Church of Christ in Japan (UCCJ), with an initial emergency response grant and continues to channel funds as requests are made by GM partners. The UCCJ has established a relief committee and is currently researching, planning and launching an appropriate response. Global Ministries missionary, Jeffrey Mensendiek, is based in Sendai and working with the UCCJ in spearheading their response to this disaster. To learn more about the UCCJ response:

Your gifts to Week of Compassion also support a collaborative effort between Church World Service and the Japan Platform, a coalition of 32 non-governmental organizations, government service agencies and media outlets in Japan. CWS will be providing support and channeling contributions to individual members of the Japan Platform, and is also prepared to support efforts of faith-based partners in Japan, including the National Christian Council of Japan. Your additional gifts to Week of Compassion are still needed. For more and to give, see:

For general news on the earthquake in Japan, the UCCJ and other partners: globalministries.org/news/eap/major-earthquake-hits-japan.html

For updates from GM missionaries in Japan, Jeffrey Mensendiek, Martha Mensendiek and Casilda Luzares: globalministries.org/news/eap/japan-missionaries.html