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Global Ecumenical Leaders Speak Out Against Crisis In Zimbabwe

Global MinistriesAn urgent call has been made by global ecumenical partners to protect the right to life, dignity and democracy in Zimbabwe. The call speaks out against the Southern African Development Community (SADC) leadership and Zimbabwe’s political leaders who fail to act decisively in the ongoing political situation in the country. Since August a severe cholera outbreak has claimed hundreds of lives. Schools and hospitals are closing daily because there are no teachers, doctors, nurses or medicines. Millions of Zimbabweans are starving despite the best efforts of aid agencies.

Yet reports say the country’s government continues to misappropriate funds needed to buy life-saving drugs for the sick as well as provide jobs for at least 50,000 Zimbabweans in the health sector. The groups also call for adherence to democratic principles and processes in mediation and a return of the rule of law inside the country. You may read more of the call which is posted on the Global Ministries website by going to: globalministries.org/news/africa/urgent-call-zimbabwe.html