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Week Of Compassion's Emergency Response To Haitian Earthquake Crisis Continues

Week of CompassionWeek of Compassion continues to partner with numerous humanitarian agencies to support relief work in Haiti. The earthquake that struck the Caribbean nation on Jan. 12 has killed more than 150,000 people, injured another 250,000 and left 1.5 million homeless. Working in close partnership with Church World Service and Action by Churches Together (ACT) Alliance, the generous gifts and offerings made by Disciples are helping to provide food, water, medical supplies and temporary shelter. Aid is getting through. Despite media reports, WoC Executive Director Amy Gopp says longstanding partnerships in the region are facilitating the flow of supplies to many who need it. To view an ACT Alliance YouTube video on Haiti, go to: www.tinyurl.com/acthaiti.

Week of Compassion also asks that Disciples continue to be creative, resourceful and discerning about ways to best assist the people of Haiti. Brandon Gilvin, Associate Director of WoC, reminds Disciples that a very specific skill set is required of volunteers assisting with relief efforts, and that a system of support for individuals or church volunteers to provide on-site aid has not yet been developed. Week of Compassion continues to welcome your contributions. To donate and to find out ways various churches are helping, visit Week of Compassion’s Haiti Relief page at www.weekofcompassion.org/haiti