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Former financial officer at National City Christian Church convicted

Jason Todd Reynolds, former chief financial officer of National City Christian Church Foundation (NCCCF), was convicted on charges of wire fraud, bank fraud, aggravated identity theft, tax evasion, and fraud, all stemming from his systematic embezzlement of NCCCF funds.

Reynolds was released from employment at National City Christian Church in June, 2008. An internal audit of the church’s finances revealed numerous irregularities. According to court documents, Reynolds used unauthorized checks and unauthorized credit card charges to purchase cars, furniture, vacations, jewelry, and sports tickets, totaling over $500,000 over a six-year period. He also secretly increased NCCCF’s bank line of credit to hide his thefts. To continue reading a statement from National City Christian Church, go to: www.disciples.org/Portals/0/PDF/DNS/2011/20110824-NationalCityStatement.pdf

To read a Department of Justice press release on the case, visit: www.justice.gov/usao/dc/news/2011/aug/11-358.pdf