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NAPAD Announces Soo Yun as Coordinator for Women's Ministry

Soo Yun is the new Coordinator for Women’s Ministry within North American/Pacific Asian Disciples.  She shares some perspective on her ministry in the statements below.

Soo YunI studied Communication Studies at UCLA (B.A.), Theology at San Francisco Theological Seminary (M.Div.) and Law at Southwestern Law School (J.D.).
Currently, I am a staff attorney at Learning Rights Law Center practicing special education law. My calling for ministry is to teach, empower, and advocate for a system and social change so that the children who are in foster care system, juvenile justice system, and children with learning disabilities can have equal access to public school education services.
My vision for our church is that we educate and equip our children and young adults to become future disciples. In order to carry out this mission, I will invite the adults in the congregation to join and volunteer for various community services. 
Right now I am in the process of designing a mentoring program for foster youth with the help of our team. Also, in the near future, I would like to start a free legal clinic for those parents whose children have learning disability. Parents can be empowered to self-advocate their children’s learning rights in the public school system through this process.
All of us are in the team for the work of ministry as disciples.  Let’s work together to make our community a better community for all of us!!