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Arizona Region opposes Arizona immigration law; seeks repeal

Declaring that Arizona’s controversial new immigration law would separate families without judicial proceedings, the Christian Church in Arizona passed a resolution calling for the law’s repeal. The Arizona Region of the Christian Church voted to oppose Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070, which requires police to determine the immigration status of a person they have detained and suspect is in the country illegally. The Christian Church in Arizona joins other congregations, denominations, human rights groups and others in denouncing the passage of SB 1070.

The resolution was submitted to the regional church by Migration Ministries of First Christian Church in Tucson, Ariz., and passed during Arizona’s regional assembly Oct. 22-23. Arizona Region’s resolution joins similar resolutions passed by the 15th biennial National Hispanic and Bilingual Assembly in Orlando, Fla., the Haitian Disciples meeting at Camp Camby, Ind., and the 21st biennial session of the National Convocation in July, along with other denominations’. To read Arizona’s resolution, see: