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'God So Loved …That God Gave… ' – Christmas Special Offering aids work of regions

Christmas OfferingThe church’s 33 regions perform important ministries in the life of the Church. They partner with new and emerging congregations, facilitate youth church camps, and help churches that might be declining in numbers seek to uncover their own unique stories and visions for the future.

The Christmas Special Offering, which will be received in most congregations this year on Dec. 12 and 19, helps support the development of faith, the creation of community, and the strengthening of congregations in the region in which it is received. This year’s theme is: ‘God So Loved….That God Gave." Won’t you give out of your love for the work of regions which connects congregations to God’s mission? Worship resources, including children sermons, testimonies from Regional Ministers about how the Christmas Special Offering helps to further the important work of regions, and graphics can be found at: www.disciplesmissionfund.org/tabid/482/Default.aspx