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Gulf Coast Takes Another Beating; Work Groups Needed

Hurricane Help PhotoHurricane Ike swept through the Gulf Coast last month with 110 mile per hour sustained winds and a deadly storm surge. The hurricane caused billions of dollars in damage, including damage to several Disciples churches. The Office of Disciples Volunteering and the Coastal Plains Area office of the Christian Church in the Southwest Region have put out an urgent call for volunteers to help in the recovery effort.

"This storm was a monster. It was really wide. There’s widespread devastation all the way from Louisiana to the west side of Houston," said Carl Zerweck, director of the Office of Disciples Volunteering. Herbert L. Lynskey, area minister for the Coastal Plains Area, reports that Disciples churches in the area banded together to help feed some of the victims. To volunteer your help, call the Office of Disciples Volunteering at 888-346-2631 or 317-713-2666, or visit: www.discipleshomemissions.org/Volunteer/ODV.htm

To learn more about the disaster, see: "Disciples Churches Band Together to Begin Recovery After Ike"