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North Carolina to call new Regional Minister

submitted by Search Committee for NC Regional Minister




In my mind I’m gone to Carolina Can’t you see the sunshine?
Can’t you just feel the moonshine?
Ain’t it just like a friend of mine To hit me from behind?
Yes, I’m gone to Carolina in my mind.

Going to Carolina is a priceless gift.

The position announcement for regional minister with the North Carolina Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is an invitation to life and service in a very special place. According to James Taylor’s iconic lyrics, glorious sunshine and enchanted moonshine are among many soul-stirring – and forever binding – blessings that accompany God’s call to serve more 300 affiliated Disciples of Christ congregations in the North Carolina Region. The successful candidate for the position of regional minister can proclaim with great purpose and abundant joy, “I’m going to Carolina.”



In its geographic diversity, North Carolina is a topological paradise. One acre of every 10 Tar Heel acres is water. Stretching across the other nine are the coastal plains of the tidewater, the rolling hills of the piedmont and the breath-taking elevations of the mountains. More than 500 miles end to end, North Carolina descends from Mount Mitchell, at 6,683 feet the highest peak east of the Rockies, to ocean waves pounding more than 300 miles of Atlantic coastline. At any altitude, longitude or latitude, North Carolina is a beautiful place to enjoy and care for God’s creation.



As the ninth largest economy in the United States and among the top 25 economies worldwide, North Carolina is humming along – consistently at the top among places to live and do business.  Mild winters, long pleasant periods of spring and fall, and warm summers offer year-round opportunities to match one’s endless interests with the state’s endless opportunities. Recreational, cultural and educational experiences abound from elevation to sea level. So when you combine all that with quality health care, top universities and a pleasant cost of living, it’s easy to see why James Taylor was right – most of the 9.9 million people who call North Carolina home never want to leave and those who do move away can always come back home…in their minds.



The list of 307 North Carolina Region churches in the 2016 Yearbook and Directory published by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada shows that most (286) of the affiliated churches are located in 49 of the state’s 100 counties – with another two churches in South Carolina and 13 in Virginia. The distance between the eastern-most and western-most congregations is 428 miles. The Region is organized into eight districts. The Directory of Reporting Churches published by the Region lists 126 churches actively involved in regional ministries. The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is in grateful fellowship with The Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ, and the Piedmont District Convention. Congregations are racially, theologically and culturally diverse, and their settings range from urban to suburban to rural.

Presently, the Region is served by an Interim Regional Minister, a part-time Associate Regional Minister and one full-time Administrative Assistant. The Regional Board is governed by the Executive Council composed of Moderator, Moderator-Elect, Vice-Moderator, Treasurer, Corporate Secretary and Recording Secretary.

Currently, the Region organizes five commissions: Anti-Racism/Pro-Reconciliation, Leadership Skills and Personal Growth, Church Growth, Christian Nurture, and Ministry. In addition, the Region includes Finance, Nominating, Personnel, Property, Camp Caroline and Discipliana committees as well as Christian Men’s Fellowship, Disciple Women’s Fellowship, Christian Youth Fellowship (including Chi Rho), and Young Adult Ministry (YAMS).



The North Carolina Region has a rich history of gathering in assemblies, meetings, camps, conferences and retreats to deliberate and appreciate denominational diversity. The Region will celebrate its 170th anniversary in 2018. Through the years, a culture of strong lay and ministerial leadership has been foundational. Through the Regional Office, congregations seek guidance for calling, equipping and caring for ministers and leaders. Significant resources and experiences across the Region develop, educate, prepare and enrich people of all ages to become disciples of Christ. Barton College in Wilson is a denominational “four-year, private, liberal arts college that provides students with a strong academic focus and opportunities for leadership development.” Camp Caroline in Arapahoe is a camp and conference center that exists to provide a setting for ministry to help form and develop young lives into greater Christ-likeness. Christmount is an international retreat, camp and conference center in Black Mountain that “provides opportunities for Christian hospitality, rest for the soul, and renewal for the journey” to all Christian denominations.

Together, the Region rejoices in God’s continual call to engage in mission and ministries that demonstrate and proclaim God’s redeeming love for all people through Jesus the Christ and is committed to being a part of God’s “movement for wholeness in this fragmented world.” Because we are called to welcome all as God has welcomed us, the Region needs a strong leader who can help teach us that “all means all.” At this moment in God’s present, the Region of North Carolina requires an energetic, prophetic, spiritual visionary who can continue to move us through the process of discerning God’s call into God’s future. If God has placed Carolina in your mind and on your heart, like a friend who hit you from behind, then you might be that person to lead our journey.



A Professional and a Visionary

THE REGION seeks a seminary-educated person, an ordained Disciples of Christ visionary who continues to discern his/her calling to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and continues to desire and develop a deep spirituality. We seek a prophetic visionary rooted in our Disciples identity who has a deep understanding of scripture and a proven track record in leadership development, congregational ministry and stewardship. We seek someone who is connected to the local, regional and general Church and who is excited to lead and learn from a diverse community of faith.


An Effective Communicator

THE REGION seeks one who is known as a good preacher and teacher, a communicator who listens, builds relationships, is skilled in conflict resolution and responds to others in a timely fashion.


An Innovative Servant Leader

THE REGION seeks a bold, creative thinker with a discerning spirit who can hear and communicate with all regardless of age, social status, theological views or other imagined (or yet to be discovered) differences. We seek someone who can enable us to discover God’s unfolding purpose and lead us in creating systems and strategies for moving ministry accordingly. We seek someone who can engage youth and young adults and guide them in developing effective ministries that will lead us into the future. We seek a mentor who can support those called to ministry by helping them discern and receive the education, training and support they need. We seek a person with “people skills” who handles challenges with maturity and composure. As our youth put it in a recent listening session, we seek someone who is “chill.”


An Adept Administrator

THE REGION seeks an administrator with organizational, problem-solving, time-management and process skills – someone who has fiscal knowledge and experience, who is familiar with and adept in current technologies and who is equipped to be a good steward of the church’s material, fiscal and human resources.



ESTABLISH practices and strategies through which clear and timely communication can be shared in ways that will strengthen the development of mutual support among ministers, congregations, program leaders, regional ministers and staff.

CARE for and equip congregations by promoting and modeling new forms of ministry, new ways of caring for and accepting each other, new ways of serving our communities, new ways of embracing diversity  and new strategies for acknowledging, managing and healing conflict.

OFFER pastoral care to the region’s ministers, program directors and congregations through personal contact, support groups and referrals to programs, educational training opportunities and resources related to identified needs.

MANAGE, administer and be a good steward over the Region’s resources and opportunities to be in ministry and mission together and to be in partnership with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada and with other faith groups who share our passion for service to and justice for all.



INTERESTED CANDIDATES should send a letter of interest by September 15, 2017 to: Search Committee Chairperson, c/o Region of NC, PO Box 1568, Wilson NC, 27894. In addition, applicants must update their search and call profile through Disciples Home Missions and request paperwork to be circulated in the Region of NC.