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Region takes up ‘green’ challenge

Greenchalice (1)by Stephen Patten

While completing their studies at Claremont School of Theology, Sadie Mizisin-Cullumber, Al Lopez, and Stephen Patten, came to understand the important theological connection between creation care and the present climate dilemma.

It is their understanding that a robust systematic theology must include a prominent place for an ecological spirituality. They were greatly encouraged by the work of Drs. John Cobb and Phillip Clayton as they argued for a spiritual and moral response to our present climate catastrophe. They’ve discerned that such a response is embedded in Scripture and in our Disciples tradition. We live into this tradition through the efforts of  Disciples Home Missions’s Green Chalice movement.

Inspired and challenged by this North American movement, Sadie, Al, and Stephen have begun work to promote and encourage churches across the Pacific Southwest Region (PSWR) to join the other Green Chalice congregations and ministries across the Disciples.

In collaboration with Pacific Beach Christian Church, First Christian Church of Orange, and UrbanMission – and made possible by a Vision Fund Grant from the PSWR – they developed and presented a series of workshops to bring awareness about the Green Chalice movement to the rest of the Pacific Southwest Region.

Their next steps include presenting a workshop and supporting a resolution at the PSWR’s upcoming regional assembly. The resolution is titled “Climate Change and the Need for a Green Chalice Movement in the Pacific Southwest Region.”