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Urban plunge experienced by Nebraska youth

Pastor Cathy Stander (Louisville, Neb.) reports on her youth group’s Urban Plunge in Omaha: “This year we went to a farm where abused children come and do therapy by talking to the animals.

“We also helped collect unused electronics which will be recycled into working electronics by a ministry that teaches these skills to the underprivileged. Abide ministry works with youth and adults at risk in the heart of one of Omaha’s trouble spots. Since they have been there, the murder rate has gone down.

“The church of the Empty Tomb was my favorite. People from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds attend there. There are those that have resources, those on the margins and homeless that go there. It is not fancy, yet they give each person in need a sack of groceries and a hot meal.” The video of their experience is posted on YouTube. http://youtu.be/sYqgE5u6aNA