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Church World Service Launches New Immigration Advocacy Tool

A new tool for advocacy on refugee and immigration issues has been released by Refugee and Immigration Ministries of Disciples Home Missions. An initiative called Service Speaks makes it possible for congregations and advocates taking action in support of immigrants to speak louder than words spoken against immigration. Church World Service created Service Speaks as a way for congregations and advocates to share with congressional representatives what they are doing to help refugees and immigrants.

Congregations are asked to send information on their immigration-related work to ServiceSpeaks@churchworldservice.org. It can be as simple as sending a carbon copy of email event announcements or volunteer hours logged. CWS will make the information available to legislators, urging them to consider the direct service provided by their constituents more than the anti-immigrant calls they receive in their offices. CWS will not share names or locations of specific immigrants. A flier explaining Service Speaks can be viewed at www.churchworldservice.org/site/DocServer/ServiceSpeaks.pdf?docID=1081