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Disciples theology and polity now translated into Korean

Disciples Thumbnail Sketches, a series of handouts describing basics Disciples theology and polity, is now available in Korean as well as English and Spanish.

Funded in part by a Reconciliation Ministry grant, the Korean translation completed by Chalice Press is the first new translation serving the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)’s diverse – and growing – population.

“Our partners in ministry identified a real need in these communities: clear, accurate information about the Disciples’ faith and beliefs for new church members or visitors,” says Chalice Press president Brad Lyons. “The Disciples’ significant Korean-American population was our priority, and we hope to can add a variety of languages over the next few years.”

At first glance translations seem relatively simple, but nuanced subjects like faith and religion require more delicate handling. Publishing Solutions Group, Inc., handled the initial translation, and Pumsup Shim, a Disciple pastor in Chicago, polished the manuscript. NAPAD’s Jinsuk Chun reviewed the final draft.

“Reconciliation Ministry is honored to partner with Chalice Press in this endeavor to make accessible Disciples’ resources to all of our membership,” says Reconciliation Ministry’s April Johnson. “Our goal is to encourage welcome and inclusion within our Church.  What better way than through these thumbnail sketches that are translated in Spanish and Korean that offer our membership to whom these are their first languages to have access to the richness of Disciples theology and practice.”

Disciples Thumbnail Sketches covers:

  •  Baptism
  •  Characteristic Beliefs of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
  •  Volunteering to Work with Children
  •  Disciple History
  •  The Lord’s Supper
  •  The Meaning of Church Membership
  •  Being a New Member
  • Our Church
  • Stewardship

The Korean translation is available free at http://www.chalicepress.com/Disciples-Thumbnail-Sketches-Korean-P1351.aspx and can be printed and shared an unlimited number of times.

The English version of Disciples Thumbnail Sketches was updated in 2012 and is available at http://www.chalicepress.com/Disciples-Thumbnail-Sketches-EPDF-P1041.aspx. The PDF can be printed for up to a year after purchase.

The Spanish version is available as a series of pamphlets.