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Earth Day to revive discussions on global climate change

Earth DayIn observance of Earth Day on April 22, Disciples are encouraged to learn more about how the changing environment is impacting their lives. Christians are called to be stewards of the Earth, says Global Ministries, a common witness of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the United Church of Christ. Earth Day is observed to raise awareness of the world’s changing climate.

While the United States and China are the world’s largest emitters of carbon dioxide every year – about 6 billion metric tons each – global warming is said to have the greatest impact on countries that are least responsible for climate change, and those with high poverty levels which depend directly on local food production, or whose fragile ecosystems are highly susceptible to changes in sea and weather patterns. For more, see: globalministries.org/get-involved/justice-and-advocacy/climate-change/ or for information on the environment developed by Disciples Home Ministries, go to: www.discipleshomemissions.org/pages/Environment