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It’s time to talk about racism

Submitted by Chalice Press

White people need to be able to talk about race. But one of the reasons why we don’t is because it makes us really anxious to talk about it.

Chalice Press’ newest release, Carolyn B. Helsel’s Anxious to Talk about It: Helping White Christians Talk Faithfully about Racism offers tools to engage racial justice concerns prayerfully and join conversations with less fear, more compassion, and more knowledge of self, others, and the important issues at stake.

Anxious is a much-needed resource to demystify the ‘R’ word for White people,” says April Johnson, Minister of Reconciliation, who recommends the book to congregations engaging in pro-reconciling/anti-racist programming. “This book is an inviting and accessible read for individuals and small groups. Helsel adeptly employs the art of storytelling to disarm those plagued by feelings of anger, confusion, and guilt when participating in anti-racism discussions.”

“It wasn’t until I was in seminary in my early 20s that I realized racism was something that wasn’t in the past,” says Helsel, a professor at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Texas. “It surprised me, because I’ve been a faithful Christian attending church and learning about all sorts of ways to be holy and to live a life of Christian devotion, yet there was this whole way that I and others like me were perpetuating harm and pain on whole groups of people simply because of the color of their skin. It made me realize, why as Christians are we not talking more about this?”

Anxious to Talk about It is perfect for small groups or congregational discussions on race and racism. Chalice Press offers discounts on bulk purchases, a free study guide, a video introduction, and a free sample chapter. Also, if you purchase 10 books or more, Dr. Helsel will provide a free 30-minute consultation about the book.