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Many languages; one voice of praise

Band at NAPADThere’s a story I often tell about a long trip over bumpy roads in the back of a flat bed truck in Congo. Tired people at the end of a multiple-day church meeting start the trip home in silence; then someone starts to sing a song – in an unfamiliar language but to a familiar Gospel tune. Someone else picks up the tune in a different language, and someone else and finally me – in English. Then we sing another, and another. By the time we get to town, we’re energized, praising God and singing. But now the songs are songs of Congo, learned from each other. We sing in one voice, new songs of praise.

I told the story again last night at the North American Pacific Asian Disciples (NAPAD) Convocation.

Afterwards someone told me: Did you notice? Tonight when the Filipino praise band began their song in English, the Mongolians present joined the song in their language! Pentecost again! Many languages; one voice of praise. Diverse but not divided. May it be so!