Disciples News Service

Prayer for the President's Easter Breakfast

O God, we give you thanks that, from the very beginning of time, you have created your children to be one human family.

And that in the fullness of time you came to earth yourself in the person of Jesus ? to reconcile your children to yourself and to each other.

This week as we follow the footsteps of Jesus through his last days, we remember his prayer of those last days that we might all be one.

Help us, O God, to be One,

One in our love for you,

One in love for our neighbor.

Help us to be an answer to Jesus? prayer.

Unite us, we pray, not in a particular opinion or politic, but in our intent that your will be done on earth as in heaven.

Even as we journey toward the cross these days remind us, O God, that in you, life wins:

Spears are turned into pruning hooks, tears are dried, orphans and widows and the stranger are cared for. In you, Good News is proclaimed to the oppressed, freedom to the captive, those who are ill find health and those who are been blind ? finally see.

Dear God, this day we affirm resurrection. We declare: life wins. We have seen you face to face in the breaking of bread and in that common seeing, we are one.

Send us forth, then, with wisdom and courage for the facing of this hour that through our critical presence, our courageous compassion, those who today fear scarcity and death, will instead bask in the reality of your abundance and life.

Use us, O God, Use us.

In the name of Jesus who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, we pray ? AMEN