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Reconciliation Ministry Offering Will Be Received On World Communion Sunday

Come To The TableOn Sunday, October 5th, Disciples will get their first opportunity to celebrate World Communion Sunday in conjunction with Reconciliation Ministry’s Special Offering Sunday. World Communion Sunday (WCS), with its emphasis on Christian Unity and Reconciliation Ministry whose emphasis is racial justice, have been brought together in this way because “the aims of ecumenism and the aims of racial justice belong together in the ministry of Jesus Christ,” according to a recent General Assembly resolution.

Resolution 0719, adopted at the 2007 Ft. Worth General Assembly, recommended that WCS and the Reconciliation Offering be celebrated together to encourage congregations to express the Church’s commitment to Christian Unity while also seeking God’s justice in addressing the sin of racism. 

To support this churchwide effort please remember to give generously to the Reconciliation Special Offering, which will be received in congregations on Sunday, Sept. 28th and Sunday, Oct. 5. 

April Johnson, Minister of Reconciliation, has written a reflection that reminds Disciples of their identity and call to stand in unity and solidarity for the full inclusion of every member of the human family. To read Johnson’s reflection, go to: www.reconciliationmission.org/offerings/johnsonletter