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Team Movement

It’s well known to anyone who rides a bike that if you jump in behind another rider, your ride gets easier.

Admittedly riding with your front wheel right up behind someone else’s back wheel does require extra concentration. And the person in front has to agree to let you know about road hazards ahead: rough pavement, road kill…

For the energy you save, it’s worth the extra attention. Especially riding into the wind. Once your line is organized, the wind resistance is cut enough by the rider in front, that you actually have to back off on your pedaling – or run them over.

What is perhaps not as well known is that when other cyclists jump in line, it gets easier for the first one as well. The curve of the air changes. There’s less drag – even for the one in front plowing straight into that headwind.

When the journey is shared with others, it’s easier to get where you are going.

Human beings are social creatures. We’re meant to journey together through life’s headwinds, meant to share our joys and sorrows. In Genesis 1, God is busy creating the world. God likes every new addition to creation. The chapter is full of positive assessments of the divine handiwork. The first negative thing God says in the whole Bible comes in Genesis 2:18. “It’s not good that the human be alone.”

As humans, we’re meant to be together. For me, this is where the church comes in. At its root, the word “church” literally means the gathering. In the church, we share our joys and sorrows in the light of God’s love for us in Jesus Christ. We join in sharing that good news with the world. We embark on a journey that is a movement for wholeness.

A movement is not just one; a movement is many traveling together – in our case toward God’s wholeness. In life, as in biking, the journey is easier when done with others.

We are Disciples of Christ, a movement for wholeness.