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Tennyson Center burns a mortgage

The Tennyson Center for Children at the Colorado Christian Home in Denver celebrated the purchase of the century-old campus. This was the culmination of a six-year partnership with the Urban Land Conservancy that saved the children’s treatment center from closing its doors. The land conservancy purchased the land when the center’s parent company went bankrupt and Tennyson was able to purchase the campus back as of January 2011.

The Tennyson Center helps treat and educate abused and neglected children and is expanding programs to serve children with other kinds of life-altering emotional crises as well as those dealing with a variety of other mental health issues. Each year hundreds of children and more than 1,500 family members each year. The program options range from residential treatment, day treatment, K-12 curriculum, family therapy and community-based, home-based and school-based programs.  More information about Tennyson Center at www.childabuse.org.