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NAPAD community hosts annual youth rally

The 2017 Chuukese Youth Rally was held on June 15-18 in St. Joseph, MO, hosted by Chuukese Christian Church (DOC) in St. Joseph.

The Chuukese, an ethnic group indigenous to an island of Micronesia, is one of 18 ethnic and linguistic groups that make up the North American Pacific/Asian Disciples (NAPAD), which has grown to include over 120 congregations nationwide.

The annual youth rally drew nearly 150 participants, mainly teens and young adults. Congregations drove in from at least seven different congregations from as far as Oregon and South Carolina.

The youth rally is one of the Chuukese community’s two annual events. The other is a national rally over the Easter weekend. These events have occurred for more than a decade, and now receive some support from NAPAD.

Rev. Chung Seong Kim, interim executive pastor of NAPAD, says that the Chuukese community is one of the fastest growing groups in NAPAD. The first congregation joined the Disciples seven years ago, and now 12 different congregations have joined, or are in the process of joining, the denomination.

These individual congregations are also growing in size – some with more than 300 in attendance, with an average age of 21 years old.

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