Thank you for visiting my web site. As a life-long Disciple and your General Minister and President, I am honored to serve our Church at this point in its history. I hope by exploring the site, you will find out more about my activities on behalf of the church, as well as information about the committed men and women who work with me each day in the Office of the General Minister and President. Please browse the pages by using the links to the right. If you are just becoming acquainted with our denomination, we hope you will like what you see, both here and at

We look forward to journeying together in faith with you.

In Christ,
Sharon E. Watkins

Office of General Minister and President

OGMP’s Ministries

Center for Faith and Giving

Communication Ministries

  • 317.713.2492 •
  • Disciples News Service
  • General Minister and President media relations
  • Identity initiative coordination
  • General Assembly promotion
  • Website design and maintenance

Reconciliation Ministry

  • 317.713.2587 •
  • Pro-reconciliation/anti-racism initiative
  • Analysis and eradication of systemic racism
  • Restores wholeness to the entire Church by developing a pro-reconciling/anti-racist identity
  • Resources congregations, teams and general ministries

Treasury Services

  • 317.713.2444 •
  • Disciples Mission Fund
  • Special day offerings (Easter, Pentecost, Thanksgiving, Christmas)
  • Church-wide funding strategies and resources

Week of Compassion

  • 317.713.2442 •
  • Relief and humanitarian assistance in times of natural and human-created disaster such as war or political unrest
  • Long-term sustainable development assistance to communities in poverty or other human distress or injustice including refugee ministries
  • Hands-on outreach projects and opportunities
  • Educational, advocacy, and worship materials

Year Book and Directory Office

  • 317.713.2409 •
  • Congregational and regional statistics
  • Collect general ministry financial reports
  • Collect general ministry, regions, organizations and ministries directories