Justice. If you have a police officer or lawyer in the family, chances are you think of this word in connection with law enforcement, but there are other ways to use this word. One of Webster’s definitions is “the principle or ideal of right action: righteousness.”

In 2018, several of the justice ministries associated with the Disciples formed a grass-roots style partnership via the Disciples Public Presence Facebook group. Included are many of the members of the former justice table as well as newer interest groups. Included are Disciples Women, Green Chalice, Refugee & Immigration Ministries along with other Disciples Home Missions entities, Global Ministries, Disciples Alliance Q, Disciples Peace Fellowship, National Benevolent Association, Disciples Center for Public Witness, Reconciliation Ministry, Disciples Justice and Action Network, Center for Indigenous Ministries, and Disciples Justice for Children.

Learning materials

For a list of several of the current justice initiatives and programs in the Church, see ministry links below or go to our partner organization, the Disciple Center for Public Witness.

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