Higher Education

HELM College StudentsFor two centuries, Disciples theological institutions, colleges and universities have trained Disciples leaders to think clearly and rationally and to minister to the world around them. While those first instructors and students might not recognize modern campuses, those classic values live on in the 21st century.

Undergraduate Institutions

Fourteen Disciples undergraduate institutions serve nearly 27,000 students in a wide variety of settings – from rural college towns with several hundred students to a metropolitan setting with almost 9,000 students. Despite those differences, these schools all share a commitment to the church, emphasize spiritual faith and values, and cherish a commitment to a liberal-arts education. Learn more about these institutions in this viewbook from HELM.

The Colleges and Universities of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Theological Institutions

Theological EducationSeven Disciples theological institutions educate ministers for thousands of Disciples congregations as well as for other denominations. Located in large metropolitan areas, these schools serve as theological, spiritual, and intellectual centers. Learn more about these institutions in this viewbook from HELM.

Historically Related Undergraduate Institutions

Three other colleges and universities maintain historic relationships with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). These institutions do not receive funding from the denomination.

Associate Theological Institutions

Three additional theological institutions have associate affiliations with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ):

Higher Education & Leadership Ministries (HELM), a general ministry of the church, coordinates the church’s relationship with higher education institutions and also works with more than 140 campus ministries to help students keep their Disciples identity during the formative college years.