2009 General Assembly

Below are the results of the 2009 General Assembly business sessions. All resolutions are provided as Adobe PDF documents.

Resolution Status
No. 0915 – Axis of Friendship – REVISED Adopted 
with revisions.
No. 0916 – Be A Global Mission Church Adopted
No. 0917 – Celebrate and Reaffirm Our Commitment Towards The Vision of Church Planting Adopted
No. 0918 – Changing the Meeting Time of General Assemblies of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Not Adopted
No. 0919 – Christian Unity and War Referred
No. 0920 – Renewing Disciples Support for Farmworker Ministry Adopted
No. 0921 – Statement on Global Climate Change Adopted
No. 0922 – Theological Foundations and Policies and Criteria for the Ordering of Ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Adopted
No. 0923 – Call for an Open Meeting Policy for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Adopted
No. 0924 – Special Rules of Procedure for the General Assembly Adopted
No. 0925 – A Call for Action Not Adopted
No. 0926 – Report of the General Nominating Committee Adopted
No. 0927 – Report of the Time and Place Committee Adopted
No. 0928 – Change in Regional Boundaries Adopted