Submitting News To DNS

The Office of General Minister and President welcomes your news and ideas for use in Disciples News Service (DNS). We are most interested in stories that illustrate ways your congregation or organization is helping to create “a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world…welcoming all to the table…”

Characteristics of stories include:

  • Timeliness
  • Of interest to the average Disciples reader (We ask that your news and information be of interest to the larger Disciples and ecumenical audience, not just to your local community or church.) 
  • Unusual, exciting or new mission activities
  • Progress on a specific issue

Submissions should include the following:

  • Preferred date of publishing
  • Headline and  200-word lead (in case we have room for a lead/teaser)
  •  Link to the full story, typically on your organization’s web page
  • Suggested posting area of the DNS layout (lead story, secondary story or headline links under other news, events, resources or ministry in action)
  • Contact person in case of questions from DNS staff

If you would like to share news about your organization or program that has been published by another media outlet (such as your local newspaper), you can submit a link to that article for potential inclusion in our “Other News” section. This option allows us to link to stories that we are not able to cover ourselves, due to time and space constraints.

Items for the following Wednesday should be received by noon on the previous Friday to allow for production time. (Example: An item for Wednesday, Nov. 14 would need to be turned in by Friday, Nov. 9.)  Any items not received before the submission deadline will be considered for the next DNS distribution. Occasionally, Communication Ministries may opt to use submitted news items exclusively on the website instead of the DNS email newsletter. All news should be sent to

Communication Ministries maintains the right to edit, revise or update information that is submitted to us. DNS is distributed via e-mail on Wednesdays, or as needed, to those who register free-of-charge for the service.