2011 General Assembly


GA2011Logo-PREVIEWLocation: Nashville Convention Center, Nashville, Tenn.
Dates: July 9-13, 2011
Total Number of Registered Attendees: 4,745
Total Attendees from Tennessee (host) Region: 384
Youth Attendees (11-17): 361
Young Adults (18-30): 285
Mission Volunteers: 350
13th Check Offering: $35.604
Week of Compassion Offering: $13,202
Reconciliation Ministry Offering: $12,529
Disciples Mission Fund Offering: $26,431*
* The DMF Offering includes $15,000 from the Christian Church Foundation.

Business from the Assembly



Addressing Anti-Muslim Action in the United States and Canada

Submitted by: Disciples Peace Fellowship

Calls upon the General Assembly to promote respect, civility and love toward our Muslim neighbors and urges all expressions of the church to engage in interfaith dialogue.


A Call for Reflection and Advocacy on Behalf of the Democratic Republic of Congo

Submitted by: Division of Overseas Ministries

Calls upon the General Assembly to pray, reflect, educate and advocate on behalf of sisters and brothers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, especially in the area of exploitation of people in the extraction of the mineral wealth of the Congo.


Celebrate and Reaffirm Our Commitment to the Vision of Planting New Mission

Submitted by: New Church Ministry

Celebrates the 88 new and affiliating congregations who have joined the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) during 2009-2010; encourages the Church to continue to support New Church Ministry


Moral Injury and Spiritual Care in a Time of War

Submitted by: First Christian Church, Oakland, Calif.; Park Avenue Christian Church, New York

Asks the General Assembly to accept this as an Item for Reflection and Research during the 2011 – 2013 biennium in order to engage in reflection, prayer and education around conscience, moral injury and spiritual care in a time of war.


Human Trafficking

Submitted by: Office of Disciples Women

Calls on the General Assembly to declare its opposition to human trafficking and to engage in education and advocacy in their local communities about this criminal practice.


Justice in Education Reform

Submitted by: Family and Children’s Ministries of Disciples Home Missions

Calls on the General Assembly to affirm that education reform must be approached in a way that deals with justice issues of race, class, special needs and geographical/residential location in relation to the equitable distribution of resources.

Adopted with revisions

Preventing Sexual Abuse and Ministering to Its Victims

Submitted by: General Commission on Ministry

Calls on all expressions of the church to nurture the spiritual wholeness of victims of sexual abuse and provides guidelines to aid in preventing such abuse.


Support of Children and Youth by Opposing Bullying in Schools, the Church and the Community

Submitted by: Group including General Ministries, Regional Ministries and other recognized ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Calls on the General Assembly to denounce bullying as sinful and harmful; encourages local congregations to work within their communities to address bullying and other forms of harassment.


Re-election of the General Minister and President

Submitted by: General Board

Calls for the re-election of Sharon E. Watkins as General Minister and President.


Report of the Time and Place Committee

Submitted by: General Board

Recommends Columbus, Ohio as the site for the 2015 General Assembly.


Report of the General Nominating Committee

Calls for the election of the 2011-2013 Moderator Team, new General Board members, new General Nominating Committee Members and new board members for Disciples Home Missions and the Division of Overseas Ministries.

Read more about our incoming moderator team (in PDF): Regina Morton | Susan Ward Diamond | Rick Ikeda


Amending the Special Rules of Procedure for the General Assembly

Submitted by: General Board

Recommends the re-insertion of guidelines for discussion of Items for Research and Reflection.


Report of the General Assembly Committee of the General Board

Provides updates on the 2009 General Assembly resolutions including a special presentation by Robert Welsh regarding the resolution referred by the 2009 General Assembly to the Council on Christian Unity for further investigation, 0919 Christian Unity and War.

General Ministry Reports

General Ministry reports and audits are provided as PDF documents.

Download all the General Ministry Reports in one PDF document. (8.4MB)

* Financial information for the Office of Disciples Women may be found in the financial report for Disciples Home Missions.