About the General Ministries of the Church

The General Ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) are established or recognized by the General Assembly, upon recommendation of the General Board. These ministries address broad areas of work, central administrative functions and specialized study and services to meet responsibilities of the Church in its mission of witness and service to the world. General ministries strengthen congregational life for the church's mission.

General Ministry Operation and Governance

General Ministries are overseen by the General Board of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Each General Ministry can have and select the members of its own governing board. All General Ministry boards are elected or confirmed by the General Board. General Ministries can also be incorporated and administer their own program and financial affairs. General Ministries report their work for the Church at each annual meeting of the General Board.

Note: The Office of General Minister and President includes other ministries such as the Center for Faith and Giving, Communication Ministries, Reconciliation Ministries, Treasury Services, Week of Compassion and the Yearbook and Directory Office. Find out more here.


General Ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) function as ministries that cover broad areas of work for the Church. They also assist in the central administrative and specialized functions of the Church. The role of General Ministries is to strengthen congregational life for the church's mission. Racial/ethnic ministries are included in this directory.

Central Pastoral Office for Hispanic Ministries

  • 317.713.2584 - www.obrahispana.org
  • Promote, undergird and coordinate work of Disciples Hispanic Ministries
  • Domingo Rodriguez Ministerial Scholarship Fund

Christian Board of Publication/Chalice Press

  • 1.800.366.3383 - www.ChalicePress.com
  • Congregational and professional resources
  • Faith-deepening resources for individuals
  • Music
  • The Columbia Partnership and the Young Clergy Women Project

Christian Church Foundation

Council on Christian Unity

  • 317.713.2585 - www.councilonchristianunity.org
  • Giving leadership to Christian unity efforts nationally and internationally
  • Dialogues seeking understanding and reconciliation
  • Resourcing congregations around Disciples identity and ecumenical involvement
  • Interfaith engagement and dialogue

Disciples Church Extension Fund (DCEF)

  • 317.635.6500 - www.disciplescef.org
  • Connecting congregations' financial and capital resources to mission
  • Building and capital planning/lending
  • Investment services for individuals and churches
  • Capital fundraising services.

Disciples Home Missions

Disciples Women

Disciples of Christ Historical Society

  • 1.866.834.7563 - www.discipleshistory.org
  • Assistance for congregational historians and scholars
  • Historical archives
  • Stone Campbell Movement artifacts
  • Lecture sponsorship

Division of Overseas Ministries/Global Ministries

  • 317.713.2575 - www.globalministries.org
  • Service as a missionary, volunteer, intern or on a group trip
  • Relationships with global church partners and missionaries
  • Steps to Be a Global Mission Congregation or Region
  • Worship, VBS, camp, youth, advocacy and giving resources

Higher Education and Leadership Ministries

  • 314.991.3000 - www.helmdisciples.org
  • Leadership Development
  • Value-adding experiences for undergraduate and ministerial students
  • Ecumenical student ministry
  • Scholarship and financial aid information

Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation (Hope Partnership)

  • 800.274.1883 - www.hopepmt.org
  • Skill development events for new, transforming and emergent congregational leaders
  • Peer learning groups and leader coaching
  • Demographic and relocation services for congregations
  • Ministry planning and New Beginnings Assessment Service
  • New church planner, coach and emerging church leader training.

National Benevolent Association

National Convocation

  • 317.713.2406 - www.nationalconvocation.org
  • African-American Disciples congregations partnerships
  • African-American congregational life
  • Selah magazine

North American Pacific/Asian Disciples

  • 317.713.2685 or 317.713.2681 - www.napad.net
  • Affirmation of culture and heritage of Asian/Pacific Disciples
  • Recognition and promotion of the gifts and presence of NAPAD Disciples

Pension Fund

  • 317.634.4504 - Toll Free: 866.495.7322 - www.pensionfund.org
  • The Pension Plan
  • Tax-deferred retirement account
  • Roth IRAs
  • Churchwide Health Care program
  • Churchwide accident insurance
  • Compensation planning
  • Benefit accumulation accounts
  • Tax information
  • Retirement and compensation planning workshops
  • Ministerial relief (13th Check, emergency aid, etc.)