Important dates in Disciple history

1788 (Sept. 12): Alexander Campbell is born

1807:   Thomas Campbell arrives in America

1809:   Thomas Campbell publishes the Declaration and Address

1812:   Alexander & Thomas Campbell adopt necessity of immersion as part of salvation

1816:   Alexander Campbell’s “Sermon on the Law” at Redstone Baptist Association meeting

1820:   Campbell-Walker Debate (infant baptism)

1823:   Campbell-McCalla Debate (infant baptism)

1823:   The Christian Baptist begins publication (1823-1830)

1827:   The Campbellite churches break with the Baptists

1829:   Campbell-Owen Debate (on evidences of Christianity)

1830:   Campbell-Owen debate (natural religion & utopianism)

1830:   Alexander Campbell published 1st issue of Millennial Harbinger

1831 (December 31st): Handshake merger of Alexander & Thomas Campbell’s Disciples & Barton Stone’s Christians

1832 (Jan. 1):   Stone & Campbell unite

1835:   The Gospel Advocate began publication; Christianity Restored published by Alexander Campbell

1837:   Campbell-Purcell Debate (on Roman Catholicism)

1846:   Christian Tract Society founded

1849:   American Christian Missionary Society formed

1856:   The Annual Meeting of the American Christian Missionary Society became in effect a national convention of Christian Church and Churches of Christ. It grew into the International Convention of Disciples of Christ.

1866:   Alexander Campbell died

1893:   The World Congress of the Disciples of Christ was held in connection with the General Missionary Convention.

1894:   Disciple Divinity House opened as part of University of Chicago

1890s: Chinese mission opened in Portland, OR

1906:   Churches of Christ formally separate from the Disciples of Christ.

1916: Hispanic convention began in the Southwest

1921: Opening of White Swan mission on the Yakama Indian Reservation in Washington state

1968:   At an assembly meeting in Kansas City overwhelmingly approved the Provisional Design for the Christian Church; the Disciples of Christ formally voted to become a full denomination known as the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and merge with the National Convocation of the Christian Church

1985:   Disciples of Christ enter into an ecumenical partnership with the United Church of Christ

2005:   General Assembly votes nearly unanimously to elect Rev. Dr. Sharon Watkins as General Minister and President of the Disciples. Rev. Watkins was the first woman to be elected as the presiding minister of a mainline Protestant denomination in the United States