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2018 Covenant Journal: Signs of new life and growth

Even though the Iowa winter did not want to let go, the General Board meeting was full of signs of spring and resurrection. The general ministries and regions shared their verbal reports in detail with small groups and the highlights were shared with the whole board in a joy-infused session. Included in those notes were:

  • Disciples of Christ Historical Society is moved and settling into its home in Bethany, West Virginia, and taking advantage of partnerships with Bethany College next door.
  • There are 54 ministerial candidates under care in the Illinois/Wisconsin region including apprentice track, commissioned, extended commissioned and for ordination.
  • In Glendale, AZ, a 103-year-old church is finding new ministry for its building and continuing a legacy of community involvement by opening an outreach center.
  • The Montana and Northwest regions are joining strengths in partnership and West Virginia and Pennsylvania regions are celebrating their shared ministries.
  • The National Benevolent Association’s XPLOR program is in its fourth year and has nurtured 75 residents impacting communities coast to coast.
  • Both the Central Pastoral Office for Hispanic Ministries and North American Pacific/Asian Disciples reported better financial positions over the past year.
  • Disciples Church Extension Fund reports their best year in a decade. After delaying facilities improvement and maintenance during recession years, it is clear that many Disciples congregations are feeling confident again.
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