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Disciples Home Missions launches leader development resource

If your ministry needs resources or help designing resources for leader development around evangelism, social justice; men’s ministry; women’s ministry; youth ministry – you name the interest, then Disciples Home Missions’ (DHM) new Leadership Initiative Team (LIT) is available to help.

LIT is convened by Disciples Home Missions and involves a collaboration of leaders in the service of leader development around any focus of ministry with attention to the context of that ministry.

Director Lonnie Graves says, “LIT designs ministry from the ground up starting with listening to you, the active leaders who are engaged in the ministries, of the regions, districts, fellowships, and congregations among other recognized bodies. LIT then uses the collective resources, connections, skills and mutual wisdom of its networks in accompaniment with your ministry to design contextual resources.”

The support ranges from do-it-yourself curricula or tools to be facilitated by local leaders, or incorporating an outside facilitator from DHM’s LIT speakers bureau.

President of DHM, Sotello V. Long, says, “We are invested, optimistic, and enthusiastic about the ‘LIT’ team convened by DHM. It is a commitment to living into ‘accompaniment leadership.’ We gather those in Christ’s service, who are ‘lit’ (excel and have passion) around evangelism, women, men, youth, young adults, clergy, social justice, etc. We are supporting positive leadership growth within the Church to serve God’s people. We are committed to listen to God’s Spirit in initiating and/or responding to God’s activity in your ministry context.”

This is just one of the many ministries housed in DHM. Chaplains extend the reach of Disciples outside our congregations. See the worship resources section of the Easter offering page for some of their stories. Refugee & Immigration Ministries supports those fleeing oppression. Disciples Women and Disciples Men are both based in DHM as well as Family & Children’s Ministries. Disciples Volunteering is helping rebuild after natural disasters and Green Chalice helps us keep focused on our natural world. For more about DHM, go to their website.

DHM is one of the many ministries supported by the 2019 Easter offering received in most congregations April 14 and 21.