Disciples News Service

Remembering the saints

by Christian Church Foundation staff

All Saints Day is more than just the day that comes after Halloween (yes, really!). All Saints Day is an opportunity to celebrate the faithful members of your church who have passed on or those members of your church who have remembered your congregation in their end-of-life plans. Members who leave legacy gifts for their congregation do so because they believe in what the church is doing but, more than that, they believe the church will be around to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ long after they have passed on. What better way to celebrate and honor their legacy than to remind your congregation of the faithful witness of the saints who have gone on before us?

The Christian Church Foundation believes it is essential that we remember and celebrate each of these saints, their strong faith, and their passion for ministry. The Christian Church Foundation has collaborated with Rev. Richard Hull to offer congregational resources for celebrating All Saints Day. These resources include historical and biblical background of All Saints Day, letters and bulletin inserts for your congregation, and worship resources and can be found on the Christian Church Foundation website.

All Saints Day is an important time in the life of the church, not just to celebrate those who have remembered the church in their end-of-life plans, but also to give thanks for the great cloud of witnesses who walk with us on this faithful journey.