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GMP offers Pentecost message

This message is also available via video.

Transcript of video distributed May 2019

Hello Disciples. As we approach the celebration of Pentecost, we are reminded that the Church grew with fire and passion, preaching Jesus crucified, Jesus risen, and Jesus let loose in the world. Peter preached this Gospel message on the day of Pentecost, and 3000 believers were added to the number!

As Disciples we are deeply tied to these spiritual roots, these essentials. We proclaim Jesus as Son of the living God, and we proclaim him to be Lord and Savior of the world. We know that Jesus is at the head of our table of communion, inviting all of us to share. We also know that we are baptized into new life with Jesus when we receive the gift of baptism.

And as you mark the day of Pentecost, I pray that you will catch the vision borne of abiding in Christ. Catch the passion of the renewal that happens when we share the good news of Christ’s love with all of those around us, by not only loving them, but helping them and serving them as Christ loved us, holding close this good news as our foundation, and sharing God’s love with our neighbors.

And if you are able, I hope that you will be able to catch the passion of worship and fellowship with Disciples in Des Moines this summer, as we gather to abide in Christ at our General Assembly.

I am praying for you. Please do continue to pray for me and for the whole Church as we continue to share the good news of Jesus Christ and the joy that is ours because of Christ. Happy Pentecost.