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2019 General Assembly education includes training

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Education at the General Assembly will be a bit different this year. Some classes will be the traditional 60-90 minutes. Some classes will stretch across several days. This is to accommodate a new feature of the event – classes that count!

If you need pro-reconciliation/anti-racism training, we have a class for you. Clergy who need regular boundary training for standing? We have a class for you. If you are a commissioned minister who needs a Disciples history and polity course, we have a class for you. Phillips Theological Seminary is also running a pre-event that can net you a CEU. There will be a special section on discernment of call for young adults and a workshop centered on campus life for college students. Our organizers are also offering two church administration workshops in Spanish.

In addition to these, we will have workshops on a range of topics from software to laity leadership (elder) training to a panel discussion of the first 50 years of The Design, our governing document. Even the CYF (high school) youth will have their own workshop tracks in addition to their other activities as well as a workshop for adult sponsors.

So if you were wondering how to make the most of one trip, here’s your opportunity to add education to an agenda of worship, fellowship and fun!