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More than we can imagine

Submitted by Week of Compassion

In 2017, Hurricane Maria tore the roof from a mountain church in Puerto Rico. But God’s coverage has not failed– even without a roof over their heads, the congregation has faithfully served its community, supporting the rebuilding efforts of their neighbors. Now your support is helping them rebuild their own sanctuary as well. Together, our gifts do more than we can imagine.

We hear the word “imagination” and we may think “fantasy” that escapes the reality of the world as it is. We hear the word “imagination” and we wonder if it is truly helpful in a world filled with so much need.

Far from being an escapist or unreal thing, imagination is actually one of the most powerful engines for change that human beings have! Long ago, the philosopher Aristotle said that “Thinking itself begins in wonder, begins in imagination,” and he was right – imagination, particularly when fueled by a vision of God’s hopes for all humankind, can keep us energized; keep us seeking to do the good that is possible; seeking to better the lives of those who have been battered by circumstance.

The theme for the 2019 Special Offering for Week of Compassion is “More than we can imagine!” That theme, based on Ephesians 3:20, reminds us that we are not alone in our imagining a better world for all God’s children. It is God’s imagination that fuels and empowers ours. God imagines a world where:

  • No one is left to face the ravages of natural disaster alone – neighbor helps neighbor, stranger helps stranger – we are the church together!
  • Even if things will never quite be the same after a disaster, God can work through all events to bring new life, and new hope
  • Clean and abundant water and ample sanitation facilities are available to every person
  • Work brings security from hunger and the land is treated with respect
  • Families displaced from their homes are able to build new lives
  • Women are no longer subject to discrimination and gender-based violence.

God also imagines people of many traditions coming together to help make these things a reality for more and more people. Through our gifts of treasure and talent, prayer, and presence, we can transform our reality to look more like the world God imagines for us.

Give generously to the Week of Compassion special offering, and together we can achieve “more than we can imagine.”