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Pacific Southwest calls regional minister

Rev. Richie Sanchez and Jasmine Sanchez

From the regional website:

We are pleased to announce that on Saturday, June 15th, 2019, the Regional Board unanimously and enthusiastically called Rev. Richie Sanchez to serve as the next Regional Minister of the Pacific Southwest Region, and he has accepted the call. Praise God! Richie will complete his service as the Interim Regional Minister of the Arizona Region this summer. He will begin serving in the PSWR in the fall when the term of the current Co-Regional Ministers is completed.

Sanchez was born to parents who immigrated to the US from Puerto Rico, and he grew up as a native Spanish speaker in the midst of cultural diversity in Brooklyn, NY. His parents were members of the Disciples of Christ Church and spent his formative years as a member of the First Hispanic Christian Church in Brooklyn, NY. His conversion experience occurred at 18 years of age, and he developed leadership skills by working in youth and young-adult ministries. These experiences awoke Richie to answer the call to ministry, after which he served in a number of commissioned roles in local and regional ministry leading up to his formal education in seminary, becoming an ordained Minister in 2015. He has a regular practice of journaling, prayer walks, devotions, and personal retreats, stating that “prayer, stillness, biblical reflection, and rest are my constant.” Read his full bio here.