The Justice Table of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is lifting up immigration as a justice issue. Here you will find resources and first-person stories about the issue. You can find out more about both refugee and immigration issues on the Disciples Home Missions website. Sign up for immigration issues and advocacy updatesSign up for legal updates

Frequently Asked Questions provided by Central Pastoral Office for Hispanic Ministries (Fall 2013)

Thoughts on the border with Rev. Xose Escamilla (7:47 minutes)

We are called ‘a thousand uses’.(29.31)

Manny suffered sadness. (4:24 minutes)

Traffic Stop (15:29 minutes)

Seeing their dad arrested was hard. (9:42 minutes)

Separation is like divorce. (15:35 minutes)

Determined U.S. citizen works on graduating (2:10 minutes)

We want to serve this country… (1:41 minutes)

You work in Cuba… for nothing. (4:27 minutes)

She came asking for help. (2:42 minutes)

All his life is here. (7:56 minutes)

Pertinent General Assembly resolutions: 2009 | 2007 | 2005 | 2003


Other resources:

Midwest Summit of Forging a New Consensus on Immigrants and America, and National Immigration Forum | Church World Service | Christians for Comprehensive Immigration | | U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service | Welcoming the Immigrant study materials